Larose-McCallum Architectes

Our approach

“A thoughtful and coherent architecture, rooted in its history and bearing the imprint of its history.”

Larose architecture presents architecture as an opportunity for transformation, both physically and conceptually. Driven by the desire to enrich and enhance daily life, properties are designed to meet the diverse needs of users. Our inspiration is drawn from several contextual and conceptual influences, and our work focuses primarily on space and identity. Properties form an integral part of their environment and are distinguished by their specificities. We place emphasis on light, as well as on a distinctive color palette and materials. The interplay between positive and negative, and the ability to transform constraints into compelling narratives (narrative process) are amongst our essential themes.

Our renovation or expansion projects of existing buildings are based on an observation and survey phase to define the space. This step provides us with a better understanding of the functioning of the spaces and the building systems, or how and especially why the building was built originally. Our intervention is assessed in contrast with the existing building in order for the two entities (past and present, classic and modern) to enhance each other.

New construction projects are based on a rigorous analysis of the historical, cultural and even geographical context of the site. Our projects are designed as an integral part of the context, while providing a critical perspective, without, however, setting aside its importance. Projects are therefore rooted in the era in which they are built and belong to the contemporary built heritage.

We develop our projects in collaboration with our collaborators and take part in its conception by sharing our objective and critical view on the problematic of the design.

Sustainable architecture

We promote the integration of simple and fundamental principles of sustainable development rather than the dogmatic application of very complex and costly technical solutions, of which real benefits are usually difficult to quantify in comparison to their costs.

From the design stage of the project, we prioritize the use of existing elements. These elements are contrasted with the use and assembly of new materials, carefully chosen for their aesthetic qualities and physical properties in order to ensure the durability of the project, which is called ‘’eco-actions’’.

On the other hand, weather conditions often determine the aspects of a property we appreciate the most. We take advantage of climate specifics, while modifying the environment in a passive way.

Working with different scales

Certain projects benefit from a complete architectural and planning service, while considering even the smallest details such as furniture and signage, while other residential projects encompass permanent furniture elements integrated into the overall structure.

Research and immersion

The research component of a new representation and visualization is essential to the creative discourse that defines a property. While each individual project has unique qualities, the research of practical elements provides an overarching framework for experimentation, reflection and connection.

Site & Analysis

A site study provides an objective and critical look at the design problematic. This graphic representation illustrates the principles that must guide the project realization in a synthesized way to define the following steps. Our approach allows our clients to appropriate and define their own projects.

Client Relations

We are committed to provide local architectural services to our clients with direct access to our partners’ expertise. Our partners accompany their respective clients without any intermediary, in order to ensure resourceful knowledge and maintain a high level of quality and rigor at all stages of the project, from planning to design, and to completion.

We provide rigorous, precise and detailed documents within an agreed-upon timeline to ensure the construction of a sustainable and refined project, while respecting a realistic budget. Our work begins with the intervention of an architect, but the collaboration of our clients, suppliers, contractors and artisans enriches the creative process of the project, both during the development and realization phases.