Larose-McCallum Architectes



story : design 2013-2014
location: Montreal, Qc, Canada
program : Transformation of a duplex
project manager : Marc-Antoine Larose
team : Emanuel Favreau & Alexandre McCallum
structure : Géniex

Dialogue between the old and the new

Located in the borough of Rosemont-Petite-Patrie, this project had several options and evolved before receiving final approval. The design addresses the dialogue between the old building and the new one by transforming the existing two-storey duplex, adding an extension in the back and adding a third floor. This project consists of three units, each one with its private gallery.

The project is characterized by a simple volume in the front, designed as a setback on top of the duplex. A small addition is made which opposes the existing space and completes it. The units have similar plans, each on its own level, while retaining more than 59% of the existing structure.

A dynamic design was achieved at the back, while separating each unit with a projection that produces a horizontal shadow line dividing the existing space of the addition into two distinct volumes. The rear facade is completely remodeled with generous openings and a gallery design with wood cladding on the exterior structure, as a privacy threshold and a s.a.s. of intimacy.

The old and the new intertwine to produce a new space. The original design is maintained through the preservation of the architectural elements, all of which are emphasized by new elements.

Bourdonnière 1

Bourdonnière 2

Bourdonnière 3

Bourdonnière 4

Bourdonnière 5