Larose-McCallum Architectes



story: design 2012 & completion 2013
location: Montréal, Qc, Canada
program: Hestia tea room – Interior design
project manager: Marc-Antoine Larose
team: Alexandre McCallum
Mechanical/Electrical : Desjardins Expert Conseil
contrator: Construction Anjinnov
photographic credits: Marc Cramer


Our clients acquired a small commercial space on Guy Street to open a tearoom. They wish to distinguish themselves from the traditional tearoom and target the young and hip university clientele of this sector of the city. The objective was to enhance the experience of tea itself in order to fully appreciate its color and aroma. Through the use of materials or textures, each element that composes this narrow space aims to heighten the sensorial experience of drinking tea.

The main counter is composed of a combination of thin slats of different wood species evoking the different varieties of tea offered and displayed on the wall behind the counter. The floor is covered with large ceramic tiles whose random geometric patterns distort the notion of scale of the space and give a whimsical and non-conformist feel to the whole. The lighting is minimalist and again helps to set the mood and enhance the tea experience.

Hestia 1

Hestia 2

Hestia 3

Hestia 4

Hestia 5

Hestia 6

Hestia 7

Hestia 8

Hestia 9

Hestia 10