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Hestia tea room

Dear Sir or Madam

It is with great pleasure that we have worked in collaboration with the architects Marc-Antoine Larose and Alexandre McCallum of Larose McCallum Architects for more than five months to build our tea shop called “Hestia”. Today, we would like to highlight the rigour, professionalism and exceptional work they demonstrated throughout the project.

Alexandre and Marc-Antoine are rigorous, responsible and organized architects. Throughout the project, they had an unparalleled ability to listen adequately in order to meet our needs. On several occasions, they provided us with sound advice and solutions to optimize the use of space in our premises.

Since the opening, we are more than satisfied with their work. Operating in a very competitive environment, our type of business had to stand out from our competitors and the architecture of the space is certainly one of the key elements of success for our business.

The interior design was chosen wisely. It has been praised by our customers time and time again because of its style, creativity and layout of the premises. They say that our business is warm and inviting and that they feel good inside.

Furthermore, the positioning of all the elements has been well thought out and calculated by Alexandre and Marc-Antoine in order to make the operational process as efficient as possible. Thus, the employees can work in an adequate and pleasant work environment.

In short, the architecture of the premises is undeniably one of the main reasons for the success of our business to date. The work done by Larose McCallum Architects has truly exceeded our expectations and we thank them enormously for making the quality of life ideal for everyone, both employees and customers!

Jean-Phillipe Boivin, Co-Owner, Hestia
Simon Poulin, Co-Owner, Hestia

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