Larose-McCallum Architectes



story : design 2015-2016
location: Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Qc, Canada
program : Residence addition
project manager : Marc-Antoine Larose & Alexandre McCallum
team : Emanuel Favreau
structure : Géniex


The owners of this compact house are raising three school-aged children in a popular Montreal neighbourhood. They wanted to add a bedroom and a second bathroom upstairs, expand the kitchen and create a ground-floor terrace, and create a living room in the basement that opens to the garden. The tight budget calls for simple but effective solutions while expanding the space as much as possible from the inside.

Two anthracite steel cubes are therefore juxtaposed at the back of the red-brick house with a terrace. The extension rests on galvanized steel posts to avoid the cost of a traditional concrete foundation. This allows light to enter the basement, making it a value-added space. The living room is maximally glazed and the floor is lowered to create a garden level that opens onto the yard.

On the first floor, the kitchen is rearranged in the same space and completely open to the dining room. It is extended to the rear where the kitchen island extends into the lower volume added to the back of the house. A galvanized steel glazed terrace is added on the side to create an outdoor area on the same level as the kitchen.

The master bedroom upstairs takes a portion of the hallway to add a master bathroom. The existing bathroom is remodeled in the same space. In the back, a fourth bedroom is added by adding a hallway between the two existing bedrooms. This added bedroom is located in the upper volume added to the back of the house.

Madison 1

Madison 2