Larose-McCallum Architectes

Sophisticated hut


story: design 2015 & completion 2016
location: Lac Memphremagog, Qc, Canada
program: renovation and extension of a pavilion
project manager: Alexandre McCallum
équipe: Emanuel Favreau & Marc-Antoine Larose
structure : Géniex
contrator : Construction G & R Laplume
photographic credits : Marc Cramer

Sophisticated hut

The expansion of this existing small accessory building is the first of a group of buildings on the same site. This sophisticated hut is located on the lakefront and overlooks the permanent dock which is accessed by a staircase attached to the steep shoreline. This space is set up for guests to change before swimming or to shower after spending the day sailing on the lake. References to vernacular buildings were a source of inspiration in the formal definition of the project.

A volume equivalent to the first one is grafted onto it with a certain misalignment that gives the whole a balance, while defining two distinct spaces. The perpendicular ridge unifies in an unexpected but simple way the two off-centre volumes. A large uncluttered glass dormer takes up another element of the vernacular tradition on each of the volumes. These large openings frame distinct and privileged views on the lake, while offering an opening to the mezzanine level. The formal access to the pavilion is created in the geometric void at the junction of the two volumes.

The rear volume contains the intimate spaces for changing and a full bathroom. The glass shower is facing a wall of shale, a friable rock characteristic of the geology on this shore of Lake Memphremagog. The front volume, closest to the lake, is a space designed for resting and relaxation centred around the wood stove and the view of the lake through the glass door. Above each of these volumes a mezzanine with a large glass skylight creates a space where one can retreat for contemplation or meditation.