Larose-McCallum Architectes

Maplewood – extension and terrace

Montreal, September 3, 2013,

When I met Mr. Larose and Mr. McCallum, I asked them to redo the back deck which did not meet our needs. I wanted to reduce the imposing height of the frail structure of the terrace in opposition with the garden. The goal was also to ease the flow between the house, the balcony, the deck and the yard. Along the way, we decided to use the dark residual space under the deck to expand the house. The solution they presented amazed me because of the elegance and simplicity of the design that allows for outdoor living, on both the first floor and garden level.

The terrace allows us to fully enjoy the outdoor space and gives the impression of living in the yard. Its glass railing acts as a sound barrier by attenuating the traffic noise on Côte-Sainte-Catherine Road below. Downstairs, the glass wall, the large sliding doors and the extension of the floor outside created the only space in the house that has a direct access to the yard and allows us to enjoy the garden. Visitors are always impressed by this space.

The thoroughness with which the architects followed up during construction ensured that the quality of the construction lived up to their design. I am very satisfied with the result.

François Naud

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