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How does the architecture of our new space contribute to your quality of work life?

When we asked this question to the group of employees who were lunching in our kitchen that day, the answer we received was unanimous: natural light!

The entire layout allows this divine light to enter constantly and abundantly.

A completely open space that offers the entire team the presence of daylight regardless of the season, weather or time of day. It is literally magical.

A play of colors that favors a controlled luminosity. The outrageous dominance of white (walls and ceilings, work surfaces, kitchen cabinets, stationery storage cabinets, space dividers, bookcases, light fixtures) with well-dosed touches of light gray (polished concrete floor, blinds, furniture base, kitchen chairs), dark gray (walls, carpet) and bleached oak (large cabinet, work tables, conference table, kitchen table). And a hint of red (furniture fabric, main entrance) to recall our brand’s corporate colors.

A judicious use of glass partitions. Allowing for both constant eye contact and the need for sound privacy, if required.

Secondly, the organization of the work spaces in the form of “benching” makes teamwork functional and pleasant, which contributes to greater collaboration on the part of the project managers and to a beautiful proximity among our creative staff.

Also, the new kitchen area has become a very busy place that is appreciated by all. Well isolated from the work area to facilitate breaks (coffee or meal breaks), it is also bathed in light, which makes it very friendly and warm. We have even started to organize monthly group potlucks, during which conversations come alive well beyond the “daily work”, greatly improving team spirit and respect for others.

What’s more, after a few months of dithering over its functionality, we completely stripped out one of the glass spaces to create a yoga and fitness studio. A relaxing and now very popular space!

In all honesty, the wave of smiles that followed this spontaneous response says it all when it comes to our employees’ appreciation of this new light-space.

Thank you Alexandre and Marc-Antoine.

Philippe Côté, Partner
Anne-Marie Caron, Partner

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