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Panorama – chalet

With a contemporary style so desired, our house was designed to be integrated into the rugged terrain, offering an incredible panoramic potential and the impression of living in nature to enjoy the scenery of every season. For the past year, we lived in a house in the clouds which changes with every season; the ever-changing landscape gives us the effect of having 4 houses for the price of one! During summer and winter, the panoramic windows offer an opportunity to extend the house, as if the outside was part of the inside and vice-versa: giving us a feeling of freedom and large space. Its location on the edge of a ski slope and facing Lake Memphremagog offers the best of both worlds: downhill ski trails right outside our house allowing us to enjoy our family’s favorite sport while having a 180-degree view on one of the most beautiful lake in Quebec and surrounding mountains…

The house was designed with exterior materials that blend in with nature to facilitate its integration with large rocks and trees surrounding the house. Inside, the heated concrete floors and the large windows (floor to ceiling) offer simplicity, unpretentious well-being and above all, a zen decor: what better decor than one made of clouds, lake and mountains views with a Bambi chewing on a bit of grass? The magic of this house is simple: the efficient interior and exterior spaces were designed to maximize every space and every view, with a simple style and large spaces where we can comfortably live, rest and share good moments with our friends. Our house has quickly become the meeting place in the area for teenagers and their parents. Many thanks to Alexandre, our architect, who understood our needs so well and allowed us to live this dream that never ends and is always alive…every season.

Even if the decor and the emotion are in the foreground of this residence, the practical aspects were taken into account, giving our family quality interior and exterior spaces…to live comfortably.

The owners and occupants:

Jacynthe Leclerc, Pierre Savary and their children Catherine 11 and William 14.

In praise of the Savary project

Site visits are an essential tool of the CCU; and, as a seasoned member, my first foray to the proposed Savary project led me to question the wisdom of building in that particular place. Here, there was no appreciable plateau. The grey cliffs, though somewhat graduated, rose nearly perpendicular to the road. Clearly, this was far more suitable for a hawk or an eagle! People were not intended to live there. What were they thinking? Angles were difficult to impossible. Drainage and the installation of utilities were beyond my imagination. Parking would be a problem. Construction would be exacting. I edged toward a « No » vote.

At the following CCU meeting, 6 people listened attentively as Alexandre McCallum presented a starkly simple maquette of his vision: the mountain’s contours faithfully reproduced – its access shown – the ‘house’ set in place. All facets of the project were addressed. Within twenty minutes, we shared s vision. My former reservations had dissolved and I noted that the homeowner was totally comfortable with his architect’s explanations – much a determining factor for me. The presentation was precise and it must be said, ‘user-friendly’. All elements of the PIIA had been respected. The subsequent vote was unanimously in favour of the project.

In late August, the CCU again visited the Savary project. The stunning elegance of the Savary home was breathtaking. Clean, crisp lines showcased perfect harmony between old and modern. Magnificent! Alexandre McCallum gave Pierre, Jacinthe and their children a dream home. Into the rugged basalt backdrop of Owl’s Head, where nature makes no construction easy, Larose McCallum design stands as a perfect marriage of imagination and vision. The results are stunningly elegant.

andra Jewett
CCU member
Municipality of the Township of Potton
Lifelong resident at the foot of Owl’s Head!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Neve Construction had the privilege of working with Larose McCallum architects in 2012 during the construction of the Savary-Leclerc residence on Owl’s Head Mountain. The construction of this project required great dedication, with considerable challenges due to the complexity of the site, given that at first glance, the construction seemed impossible on such a steep site.

Because this project was so innovative in the region, the availability and participation of an Urban Planner, Hughes Thivierge, and a Building and Environment Inspector, Marie-Claude Lamy, in the numerous discussions regarding the municipal bylaws in effect were greatly appreciated throughout the process.

The process was carried out in the greatest harmony and respect. Thanks to everyone’s involvement, innovative and creative solutions were found for this technically demanding project. It was a real pleasure for us to work with Alexandre McCallum. His openness, enthusiasm, patience and determination in the face of obstacles made our partnership more than enjoyable. We look forward to working with him again.

In the end, we are extremely proud of this project. We believe this residence, with its unique architecture, is a first in the Owl’s Head Mountain area. No doubt this will inspire other future homeowners to design unique, contemporary homes that are well integrated into the landscape in the area.

Michael Robert Cyr
Neve Construction

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